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DeleteMyInfo Review: DeleteMyInfo vs. DeleteMe

June 9, 2023 admin 0 Comments

DeleteMyInfo Review: DeleteMyInfo vs. DeleteMe

In today’s digital age, safeguarding personal information from people-search sites is crucial to protect against identity theft, privacy breaches, and reputational harm. DeleteMyInfo and DeleteMe are two prominent services that offer solutions for removing personal data from these sites. This review aims to compare and evaluate the features of DeleteMyInfo and DeleteMe, helping readers determine which service better suits their specific needs.

DeleteMe vs. DeleteMyInfo:


DeleteMe is a comprehensive privacy service designed to remove personal information from data brokers and people-search sites. With a focus on efficiency and ease of use, DeleteMe  employs automated processes to expedite the removal of personal listings and safeguard online privacy.


DeleteMyInfo is a reputable privacy service renowned for combining automated and manual approaches to removing personal information from people-search sites. By employing privacy experts, DeleteMyInfo ensures meticulous removal of listings, offering a hands-on approach to protect individuals’ online privacy.

DeleteMyInfo vs. DeleteMe Comparison of Key Factors:

To make an informed decision, it is important to consider several key factors when evaluating DeleteMyInfo and DeleteMe. The following sections provide a detailed comparison of these factors.

Factor 1:

Coverage of People-Search Sites: Both DeleteMyInfo and DeleteMe aim to cover a wide range of data broker and people-search sites. However, there are differences in the extent of their coverage:


DeleteMyInfo provides comprehensive coverage by scanning and removing personal listings from a vast network of data brokers and people-search sites. With an extensive database of sources, DeleteMyInfo offers a high level of protection against unauthorized disclosure of personal information.

DeleteMe: DeleteMe focuses on major data brokers and popular people-search sites, employing a manual approach to remove personal listings. While this approach ensures precise removal from well-known sources, it may leave individuals vulnerable to privacy risks from lesser-known or emerging sites.

Which service removes you from a greater number of sites: DeleteMyInfo or DeleteMe?

When it comes to the number of websites from which personal listings are removed, DeleteMyInfo offers a wider coverage. Currently, DeleteMyInfo covers 160+ data brokers and people-search sites, and we continuously expand our coverage as new sites emerge. This ensures that we stay proactive in removing all unauthorized listings as soon as they are published.

On the other hand, DeleteMe adds new websites to their list and currently covers 38 sources. While this is a good starting point, it may not provide sufficient protection for keeping your information private. Statistics from DeleteMyInfo’s users during the initial scan stage reveal that:

  • At least 20% of people are found on 74 sites.
  • At least 50% of people are found on 60 sites.
  • At least 80% of people are found on 49 sites.

If the privacy service you choose only searches for your information on 38 sites, there is a high chance that a significant portion of your records will go unnoticed and continue to pose a risk to your privacy. Opting for a service with broader coverage, like DeleteMyInfo, can ensure comprehensive protection of your personal information.

Factor 2:

Removal from Google: Both DeleteMyInfo and DeleteMe recognize the significance of removing personal information from search engine results, specifically Google. Here’s how they approach this factor:


DeleteMyInfo prioritizes the removal of personal listings from data brokers and people-search sites, which indirectly affects Google search results. By eradicating personal information from these sources, DeleteMyInfo helps minimize the visibility of individuals’ data on search engines.

DeleteMe: Similar to DeleteMyInfo, DeleteMe concentrates on removing personal listings from data brokers and people-search sites, aiming to impact search engine results. While DeleteMe primarily targets major data brokers, it may not cover lesser-known sites that could still expose individuals’ information on Google.

Why DeleteMyInfo is better for removing your information from Google vs. DeleteMe?

When it comes to removing information from Google, it’s important to note that neither DeleteMyInfo nor DeleteMe directly removes your data from search engines. Google aggregates content from various websites, and to remove information from Google, you need to eliminate it at the source. Both DeleteMyInfo and DeleteMe focus on opting you out of data brokers and removing your listings from their respective sites, leading to the disappearance of these listings from Google.

The key difference between DeleteMyInfo and DeleteMe lies in their approach to removing information from Google. DeleteMe primarily focuses on major data brokers, while DeleteMyInfo goes a step further by targeting not only major data brokers but also numerous lesser-known sites that operate similarly to Whitepages and MyLife.

Although Google will stop displaying results from major data brokers once they are removed, it may still expose your information from lesser-known sites such as TruePeopleSearch, SearchPeopleFree, CheckPeople, and others.

In summary, the more people-search sites you can remove your information from, the stronger your privacy will be on Google. With a choice between 160+ sources (DeleteMyInfo) and 30+ sources (DeleteMe), opting for a larger number provides enhanced privacy protection.

Factor 3:

Value for Money: Considering the pricing plans and value offered by DeleteMyInfo and DeleteMe is essential for budget-conscious individuals seeking effective privacy solutions:


DeleteMyInfo provides competitive pricing options, delivering value for money. With transparent pricing plans, individuals can choose subscription packages tailored to their needs. DeleteMyInfo ensures affordable access to its comprehensive removal services, catering to individuals, families, and organizations.

DeleteMe: DeleteMe offers pricing plans designed to meet various requirements, albeit at a higher price point. While the service focuses on manual removal and personalized assistance, the cost per site removal may be higher compared to DeleteMyInfo.

Why DeleteMyInfo’s service is a better value for money vs. DeleteMe?

In terms of pricing, DeleteMyInfo offers a more cost-effective solution. Their annual individual plan is priced at $120, allowing users to remove their data from 160+ data brokers.  DeleteMyInfo also provides a family plan for up to ten people, priced at $295 per year.

In comparison, DeleteMe’s annual individual plan costs $129, targeting removal from 30+ websites at an average cost of $4.30 per site. DeleteMe offers a yearly subscription for two people at $229, and an annual family plan for four people at $329.

Additionally, DeleteMyInfo allows users to start with a monthly plan for testing purposes and offers the flexibility to upgrade to an individual or family annual subscription later. Membership can be canceled at any time, minimizing risk.

Considering the affordable pricing, comprehensive coverage, and flexibility of DeleteMyInfo’s plans, it offers better value for money compared to DeleteMe.

Why Choose DeleteMyInfo:

✓ Fully Automated and Manual Service:

  • No manual actions required from your end.
  • Our advanced systems handle the entire removal process seamlessly.
  • Unlimited custom removal

✓ Extensive Coverage:

  • Removes your records from over 160+ people-search sites.
  • Ensures comprehensive protection of your personal information.

✓  Flexible Search Options:

  • Add multiple previous addresses and name variations.
  • Increases accuracy in locating and removing all associated records. 

✓ Trustworthy and Transparent:

  • Track your removal progress in real time.
  • Gain full visibility into the results you’re achieving.

Choose DeleteMyInfo for a reliable and transparent service that puts your privacy first. With our extensive experience, automated process, wide coverage, and flexible search options, you can have peace of mind knowing your personal information is in safe hands.


Both DeleteMyInfo and DeleteMe offer valuable services to protect individuals’ privacy by removing personal data from people-search sites. DeleteMyInfo stands out with its extensive coverage, automated processes, and affordability. Conversely, DeleteMe’s manual approach, meticulous removal from major data brokers, and personalized assistance may appeal to those seeking hands-on privacy protection.

Ultimately, the choice between DeleteMyInfo and DeleteMe depends on individual preferences, coverage needs, and budget considerations. It is important to carefully evaluate the features, coverage, and pricing of both services to make an informed decision. 

DeleteMyInfo stands out with its extensive coverage of over 160+ data brokers and people-search sites, offering comprehensive protection against unauthorized disclosure of personal information. Their proven track record, fully automated service, and flexible search options make them a reliable choice for safeguarding online privacy.  

On the other hand, DeleteMe focuses on manual removal and personalized assistance, specifically targeting major data brokers and popular people-search sites. This hands-on approach may appeal to those who value meticulous removal from well-known sources and prefer a higher level of personalized support.  

Considering value for money, DeleteMyInfo offers competitive pricing plans, allowing individuals to remove their data from a larger number of sites at a more affordable cost per site. They also provide a family plan for up to ten people, catering to the privacy needs of families and organizations.  

In contrast, DeleteMe’s pricing plans may be higher in comparison, especially when considering the average cost per site removal. However, their emphasis on manual removal and personalized assistance can be beneficial for individuals seeking a more hands-on approach to privacy protection.  

Ultimately, whether you choose DeleteMyInfo or DeleteMe, both services offer valuable solutions to safeguard your personal information and protect your privacy. It is recommended to carefully assess your specific requirements and preferences before making a decision to ensure you choose the service that best aligns with your needs. 

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